"Just a Woman"
Date: 2023
Dimensions: 13' x 7'
Medium: mirrors, red thread, pens, pencils, collected responses
About the project: 
The ability to speak up is a sign of power, and for many women in my home, we have had this power stripped away from us. Culture and history have created such a constricted role that women don’t have the power to refuse the fate society has written for us. 
In my research-driven installation created for the Honors Exhibition and showcased in WRAG at UC Berkeley, I displayed personal stories collected from women from around the globe. My medium served as a safe space for experiences that otherwise would not be seen and shared. Each contributor to this project has entrusted me with their story, and has spoken up to break the pattern of silence, shame, and ruin that has shackled women in their homes and communities.
Visitors were able to interact with each mirror to access information on the backside or contribute to the piece by using provided materials.  
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