Through A Mirror, Lightly, 2023. Mirrors, pipes, LED lights, motion detector, Raspberry pi, Variable Dimensions.
"Through a Mirror, Lightly" is a playful art installation exploring the connection between sound, light, and reflection. I crafted this immersive experience by combining clear pipes, mirrors, and LED lights. Using a Raspberry Pi and a motion detector, I programmed eight different notes in JavaScript that change every second based on a viewer's distance. As people interact with the installation, their movements trigger a mix of sounds and lights, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.​​​​​​​
"Blooming Garden" - Bloom the garden by playing the right piano notes. 
"Virus" - Observe how the virus spreads when creatures intersect.
"Perlin Noise" - Circle with organic Perlin noise.
"Dots" - Interactive randomized dots with connected vectors. Play by grabbing and moving dots around. 
"Pointillism" - Interact with this piece to draw something cool.
"Piano" - Simply play the piano.
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