My role: Graphic designer
Design tools: Adobe InDesign
About the project: Type specimen that verbally and visually showcase the unique features, type voice, and personality of Fit typeface designed by DJR.
Collaborators: DJR
Challenge: My first challenge was to come up with a format that compliments and intrigues the reader. The second challenge was to fit and showcase all narrative content, considering the uniquely large size of Fit.
Solution: The formal I chose for it is a 24 by 16 inch brochure with three folds horizontally and two vertically (landscape orientation). It showcases an evoking narrative page by page, and includes a full size poster on the back of the page. The solution to the second challenge was to create a composition that consists of an illustrative and narrative structure, which combines an eye catching phrases, and narrative on one side of the document and illustration of typeface in use on the other. The layout is designed in a way that the first two pages demonstrate engaging questions, and after the specimen is half way unfolded, reveals all information about typeface.
Writing Success

My role: Book designer
Design tools: Adobe InDesign
About the project: This project is a collaborative work with another designer, Kendra Niedermann, from Emerge Studio Internship, as well as TRIO student support services. This book features the original writing and artwork of students who are participating in the TRIO Writing Success Project.
Collaborators: Kendra Niedermann, TRIO, WSP
City Shorts
My role: Graphic designer
Design tools: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign
About the project: Using Adobe Illustrator, I have created an event poster for the City Shorts Film Festival. This project highlights student work in the cinema production program and showcases important information about the event, such as time, location, etc.
Challenges: My main challenge was to create a poster in spirit with Bauhaus and Constructivism (client’s connoted messages) with cinematography elements.
Solution: Bauhaus inspired me with strong geometric graphics.
I replaced some circles with movie reels, placed them in random order, and gave each different color to highlight different forms of filmmaking. Constructivism inspired me with a bold and “calling to action” color palette. I used warm colors to communicate warm feelings and create a higher contrast to easily notice "C" and "S" as a part of a graphic. In terms of typography, I used a Futura typeface that is based on geometric shapes and is similar in spirit to Bauhaus style.
"Just a Woman"
My role: Graphic designer
Design tools: Adobe Illustrator
About the project: "Just a Woman" is a passion project that addresses the gender discrimination and sexism in Central Asia. The ability to refuse is a sign of power, and for many women in my home, we have had this power stripped away from us. Culture and history have created such a constricted role for us that they no longer have the power to refuse the fate others have written for us. This woman, in traditional Uzbek clothes, stares defiantly through the hastily scribbled blindfold and refuses to listen, to conform. By refusing, she takes her power and agency back, and can move through life freely.
Pretty Woman
My role: Graphic designer
Design tools: Adobe InDesign
About the project: “Seeing Music” is a 12 x 12 inches poster showcasing music, using only typography and colors
Challenges: I faced a few challenges, such as, visually interpreting a song using expressive typography and working with all parts of the lyrics, capturing the qualities of the musical performance using type, color, shape and texture.
Solution: The primary content is the phrase “Oh Pretty Woman”. By predictable zig-zagging effect I added rhythm like the drum beat of the song, while the other lyrics twist and turn out like the melody. The typeface I used is Mexcellent, a trilinear display font from the 1968 Olympics, to maintain a consistent sense of time. In terms of color, I used shades of orange, yellow, and brown. These evoke the time the piece is set in and the excitement and joy of the song.
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