Date created: 2021
My role: Graphic designer
Design tools: Adobe InDesign
About the project: Type specimen that verbally and visually showcase the unique features, type voice, and personality of Fit typeface designed by DJR.
Collaborators: DJR
Challenge: My first challenge was to come up with a format that compliments and intrigues the reader. The second challenge was to fit and showcase all narrative content, considering the uniquely large size of Fit.
Solution: The formal I chose for it is a 24 by 16 inch brochure with three folds horizontally and two vertically (landscape orientation). It showcases an evoking narrative page by page, and includes a full size poster on the back of the page. The solution to the second challenge was to create a composition that consists of an illustrative and narrative structure, which combines an eye catching phrases, and narrative on one side of the document and illustration of typeface in use on the other. The layout is designed in a way that the first two pages demonstrate engaging questions, and after the specimen is half way unfolded, reveals all information about typeface.