Pretty Woman
Date created: 2021
My role: Graphic designer
Design tools: Adobe InDesign
About the project: “Seeing Music” is a 12 x 12 inches poster showcasing music, using only typography and colors
Challenges: I faced a few challenges, such as, visually interpreting a song using expressive typography and working with all parts of the lyrics, capturing the qualities of the musical performance using type, color, shape and texture.
Solution: The primary content is the phrase “Oh Pretty Woman”. By predictable zig-zagging effect I added rhythm like the drum beat of the song, while the other lyrics twist and turn out like the melody. The typeface I used is Mexcellent, a trilinear display font from the 1968 Olympics, to maintain a consistent sense of time. In terms of color, I used shades of orange, yellow, and brown. These evoke the time the piece is set in and the excitement and joy of the song.