City Shorts
Date created: 2022
My role: Graphic designer
Design tools: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign
About the project: Using Adobe Illustrator, I have created an event poster for the City Shorts Film Festival. This project highlights student work in the cinema production program and showcases important information about the event, such as time, location, etc.
Challenges: My main challenge was to create a poster in spirit with Bauhaus and Constructivism (client’s connoted messages) with cinematography elements.
Solution: Bauhaus inspired me with strong geometric graphics.
I replaced some circles with movie reels, placed them in random order, and gave each different color to highlight different forms of filmmaking. Constructivism inspired me with a bold and “calling to action” color palette. I used warm colors to communicate warm feelings and create a higher contrast to easily notice “C” and “S ‘’ as a part of a graphic. In terms of typography, I used a Futura typeface that is based on geometric shapes and is similar in spirit to Bauhaus style.